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NAMES: Jennifer Chesla & Bruce Moran 
WEDDING DATE: September 29, 2001
LOCATION: Shenandoah, PA
COMMENTS: Bruce and I will be married in a Catholic ceremony followed by a celebration with family and friends at Eagle Rock Base Lodge.

NAMES: Nikki Ciscell and David Leyde 
WEDDING DATE: May 5, 2002
COMMENTS: We will have a large wedding about 400 people.

NAMES: Krista W. and Robert O. 
WEDDING DATE: Summer/Fall 2002
LOCATION: New Jersey
COMMENTS: Our wedding will be the most wonderful time spent with family and friends! We are newly engaged therefore no decisions have been made yet.

NAMES: Kim Matlock and Michael Ramsey 
WEDDING DATE: May 10, 2003
LOCATION: Greenville, SC 
COMMENTS: A traditional wedding is planned. Five bridesmaids and groomsmen, also there will be a flower girl and possibly a junior bridesmaid. Neither our colors nor honeymoon plan have been decided yet. We will be married at the church that is very dear to us.

NAMES: Carolyn Cintron and Felix Class 
WEDDING DATE: September 2001
LOCATION: Union City, New Jersey
COMMENTS: Our wedding will be amongst family & friends. It shall be small but romantic. Small reception shall follow.

NAMES: Pamela and Anthony 
WEDDING DATE: June 19, 2002
LOCATION: Cancun, Mexico
COMMENTS: Our wedding will be a fun filled day in Cancun Mexico. We will have about 50 guests that will attend this joyful event with us.

NAMES: Felicia & Michael 
WEDDING DATE: February 16, 2002
LOCATION: Blythewood, SC
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: LaTonya and Christopher 
WEDDING DATE: October 27, 2001
LOCATION: Richmond, VA
COMMENTS: We will have 12 wedding attendance, 2 flowergirls. Our colors are Black, silver, and white. Our flowers are White Roses.

NAMES: Carol and Bill 
WEDDING DATE: July 27, 2002
LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin
COMMENTS: It will be a simple ceremony with a huge party.

NAMES: Lionel & Denise 
WEDDING DATE: October 13, 2001
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA 
COMMENTS: Lionel and I have dated for 5yrs and we will finally take vows at 2p.m. on October 13, 2001 in a traditional Catholic ceremony with 250 of our closest friends and family. An evening reception a The Candlewood Country Club in Whittier CA will follow. Our wedding will have a theme of a Fall Harvest with our color scheme, flowers, cake & wedding favors all reflecting the autumn season.

NAMES: Stuart and Tiffany 
WEDDING DATE: November 18, 2001
COMMENTS: We are having a small family wedding at Sunset Gardens. Our wedding will be Blue and Silver.

NAMES: Ryan Wagner and Tonya Peterson 
WEDDING DATE: November 10, 2001
LOCATION: Sun Prairie, WI
COMMENTS: We are getting married at St. Albert’s Catholic Church. Our reception will be at the Pavillion at Angell Park Speedway. (We both love racing) Our colors are Burgundy and Silver.

NAMES: William Meyer and Diane Moore 
WEDDING DATE: November 16, 2002
LOCATION: Piscataway,New Jersey, USA
COMMENTS: Our wedding is going to be both traditional and untraditional at the same time. The Groom is Catholic and the Bride is Greek Orthodox. We are going to have the ceremony in the afternoon followed by pictures in the beautiful park across the street from the Brides church. Our reception will be about an hour after the ceremony with all sorts of foods, and do it yourself desserts; for example dip your own fruit in chocolate. At the conclusion to this reception, including ice sculptures and black lites, will be a fireworks display.

NAMES: Elizabeth and Christopher 
WEDDING DATE: October 29, 2003
LOCATION: Richardson, TX
COMMENTS: It is going to be an small ceremony with 150 friends and family in the church where his greatgrandparents, grandparents, and parents were married. Very traditonal candlelit ceremony. Colors are Burgandy and Platinum. We are setting up 5 candles on the altar that are going to be lit by my parents (along with the unity candle) and sisters in memory of my brother and grandparents who have all passed on.

NAMES: Michele and Tom 
WEDDING DATE: October 13, 2001
LOCATION: Sterling Heights, Michigan
COMMENTS: Our wedding will be at 2:00 p.m., October 13, 2001. Our Reception will be in St. Clair Shores at 5:00 p.m. Our colors are Navy Blue and Red. Haven’t decided on our honeymoon yet.

NAMES: Clarissa Molina & Errol Kaai 
WEDDING DATE: August 2002
COMMENTS: None Given

NAMES: Terry & Anik 
WEDDING DATE: September 22, 2001
LOCATION: Ottawa, Canada
COMMENTS: We are very excited to exchange our vows in a traditional Catholic wedding with all of our friends and family. The church is very old and beautiful and following the ceremony, our reception will be a yacht club with cocktails, dinner and dancing.

NAMES: Ken Horton & Emily Hyser 
WEDDING DATE: September 15, 2001
COMMENTS: Our wedding will take place outside at sinisippi gardens.The cermony will be short but, we are expecting hundreds of people.This will be one of the first weddings in the family. The reception will take place in a hall that seats up to four hundred people,it will be a great day.

NAMES: Lou Grega and Sarah Mayell 
WEDDING DATE: Not set but will be soon
LOCATION: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
COMMENTS: We hope to have a intimate wedding with just family and friends. We will most likely get married outdoors depending on what date we choose. I’ve already decided to have my gown custom made. I’m on a diet trying to lose 90 pounds. It is a good thing the wedding is at least two years away 🙂 When he asked me I was so surprised, he had told me that he never planned to get married, ever. So when he asked me you can imagine how speechless I was. It was the happiest day of my life, but the wedding day will be even happier. When we set the date I will update the engagement announcement and give details about the wedding. Congratulations to all who are engaged. 

NAMES: Matt and Julia 
WEDDING DATE: May 18, 2002
LOCATION: Cincinnati Ohio
COMMENTS: We are both singers and will be writing songs for each other that will be performed at the reception. We also plan to write our own vows. The wedding will be held at the church I grew up in. Ironically it is a lot like my fiancee’s church that he grew up in.