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On the day of your wedding, things will be so crazy that something is bound to go wrong; a breath mint is needed, or a last minute sewing job is required. Trust Murphy's Law to work on this, the day of all days!

This list includes items that you may want to include in your wedding day emergency kit. There aren't any set rules for the emergency kit; you don't have to pack them into a certain type bag or have certain people keep track of it for you. These items are just suggestions of things you might want to have handy for last-minute problems.

_____ Safety Pin _____ Tylenol/Aspirin _____ Band-Aids
_____ Sewing Kit _____ Kleenex _____ Wet Wipes
_____ Brush/Comb _____ Makeup Kit _____ Mints/Gum
_____ Hair Spray _____ Clear Nail Polish _____ Extra Panty Hose
_____ Fingernail File _____ Fingernail Clippers _____ Chalk (to cover smudges)
_____ Tampons, Pads or Liners _____ Baby Powder (for smudges) _____ Light snack (like granola)
_____ Club Soda (for stains) _____ Mouthwash _____ Xanax or Tums
_____ Clear Deodorant _____ Hand Lotion _____ Dental Floss
_____ Smelling Salts _____ Toothbrush/Toothpaste _____ Shout Wipes (for stains)
_____ Safety Pins _____ Make Up _____ Q-Tips
_____ Umbrella _____ Bobby Pins _____ Small Sewing Scissors
_____ Bottled Water _____ Extra socks for the men _____ White Buttons
_____ Lotion _____ Small sewing kit  

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